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Nathaniel Kimble: Sensational

Nathaniel Kimble: SENSATIONAL ***

The "Bagg It Up Man" is back at us again with his first new disc in 3 years with this nice collection of Southern Soul and R&B flavored Ballads, all done in that unmistakable Nathaniel Kimble style. Unlike Kimble's previous efforts, this disc features more Slow and Midtempo tunes in a Contemporary R&B style than his usual Bluesy Southern Soul sound.
The album kicks off on the Uptempo with the dancer "2 Step". While its a fine Dance track that should do hot in Grown-Folks Clubs everywhere, I feel as though I have heard similar ground covered on previous material. But, track 2-"Tell It" is a flat out-great tune. The moderately Slow-to-midtempo Ballad showcases Kimble's emotive baritone voice, which is probably one of the best vocals he's done. This track showcases him in a fashion that he hasn't quite ever hit before & is a high-point of his almost decade-long recording career. This is a great choice for a single. He keeps the steppin' pace with the Ballad "Something Real Good", a high-caliber Love song. This song, as well as most of the album's tracks, features great guitar work.
Track 4 is another ballad, titled "Been There." Lyrically, this song is similiar to the Sir Charles Jones hit "Is Anybody Lonely" and has a memorable hook... "Chicago, N.O., Tennesse, Monroe, Little Rock, Georgia, California & Florida... I Been There." Track 5 "My Lady", is a stab at the 90's styled R&B Slow Jam with a Southern Soul flavor. This track is nice, while not as memorable as the tracks 2, 3 and 4. Track 6 "Happy" is a decent Southern Soul dancer that has already appeared on his previous disc, "I'm Back." # 7 "Dance With You", a pedestrian stepper with a shuffle beat and a weak vocal from Kimble. #8 "I'm Ready" is another mellow stepper and while this track is passable, its far from being a highlight. #9 "Party 2Nite" keeps the stepping pace with a Chicago R-Kelly kind of style, featuring very good backup vocals(uncredited). The closing track is "Love Me In The City", which has an uptempo Jeep kind of feel. Nice track. The biggest flaw in this record is the quality of the production. The sound is dull, muddy & distorted, but nevertheless, this record is listenable & pretty enjoyable. My honest opinion is that Kimble has done better work in the past, such as his debut "Bagg It Up" CD & his should-have-been classic follow-up "Please Don't Go."
While this CD does have a few weak spots, Overall this CD is nice and fans who like Contemporary R&B mixed with Southern Soul should definitely consider giving "Sensational" a purchase.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing Reggie Sears: The King Of Love; Southern Soul, R&B & Slow Jam Specialist

Miami, FL, A Melting Pot Of Culture, is known for its Swingin' Nightlife, lavish Beaches, Exotic Women, Lushous Landscape, Victorious Sports Teams, and among other things, Music. Some Of The World's Biggest Stars Hail From Miami: Gloria Estefan, KC & The Sunshine Band, Betty Wright, Latimore, Gwen & George McCrae, Pretty Tony, Stevie B, 2 Live Crew, David Hudson, 69 Boyz, Bobby Stringer, Trick Daddy, and the list goes on...A Name To Add To The List Is Southern Soul and R&B artist Reggie Sears, "The King Of Love".
Miami may not be known as a Soul, R&B or Blues haven like Detroit, Memphis, Chicago or Mississippi, Sears is one of the few Southern Soul-R&B artists to come out of Miami in quite some time. The South Florida native grew up in a South Florida ghetto with loving parents & 2 brothers. From an early age, he knew he wanted to be an entertainer. "Since I Was About 4 or 5 I knew I wanted to be a Recording Artist. I Grew Up in a house with music always being played. There was all types of music from all across the board. Everything from Gospel-Yolanda Adams, The Soul Stirrers, Cleophus Robinson Jr., Alvin Slaughter, Mississippi Mass Choir, Jackson Southernaires, Kirk Franklin, Shirley Caeser, ect & Secular music- Al Green, Parliament, Luther Vandross, B.B King, Johnnie Taylor, James Brown, Teddy Penedergrass, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Silk, Keith Sweat, Gerald Levert, Bobby Brown, Faze, Cameo, Vanessa Williams, Johnny Guitar Watson, Prince, Sheila E, Babyface, Candy Staton, Bobby Womack, Jeffrey Osborne + LTD, Aretha Franklin, Zapp, Brick, Con-Funk-Shun, Tyrone Davis, Bobby Blue Bland, and too much to name. Also Grunge, Alternative, Rock, Techno, 80s Pop, a whole lot of Disco, Rap- Too Short, 2 Live Crew, Ice Cube, NWA, Public Enemy, Dr. Dre, Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony, Snoop Dogg, Silk The Shocker, and the list goes on. And I remember watching MTV & VH1, and the 90's version of Soul Train, among other shows, and I'd see the bands or the artists on the stage Singing & Playing & entertaining the audience and I knew even then that I wanted to be up on that stage singing & making records", Sears says.
For his 11th birthday, Reggie asked his parents to buy him a guitar, and he recieved a Epiphone Les Paul. His appetite for learning & playing the guitar kept him out of the harsh, rough ghetto streets. "I Remember when all my friends would always ask me why I wouldn't put down the guitar to go roam the neighborhood, but I told them that I was busy playing music. Thats what I wanted to do." Being a kid in school limited his playing time. "I practiced for 5 or 6 hours a day & all day on the weekends. To tell you the truth, I went to school monday through friday, 8 AM to 3 PM, I'd get home, do homework, have about 3 hours of jammin' in the room, eat dinner, watch a little t.v. & then wait till my parents go to sleep, then unplug the guitar from the amp & quietly play guitar and by the time I went to sleep It'd be 2 or 2:30 in the morning & then in 3 hours I wouldn't want to wake up for school.(Laughs)."
When he was in his early teens he started paying his dues by sneaking into clubs & playing at Blues jams during the summer & eventually led him to sitting in with established artists/acts, during the summer. After finishing middle school, Sears decided he would like to play music full time & he preposed homeschooling to his parents, which they agreed if he did his work. He was then able to play music 7 nights a week, if he wished to.
When he was still 12 years old, Sears met Rock'n'Roll Hall-Of-Fame Inductee, The King Of Rock'n' Soul, King Solomon Burke, who invited him onstage infront of over 5,000 screaming fans. Burke, so impressed with Reggie's searing guitar announced to the crowd that Reggie Sears was the "Future Of The Blues" and that he was called Sears his "godson", and by the time he was 13 years old, he had already played with legends such as Michael Burks, Fruitland Jackson, Bob Margolin, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, Bobby Stringer, Sherman Hunter, Betty Padgett, Ike and Val Woods, Chris Beard, Ronnie Baker Brooks and many others.
In January 2004 he formed his first band, hiring a veteran rhythm section to back him & they played their first gig a few months later and by the time of this writing (August 2009) he has released 4 acclaimed C.Ds, Been On T.V., Magazines & Radio, shared the stage/or/shared the bill with such luminaries as Keith Sweat, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Bobby Rush, Steve Harvey, Kool And The Gang, Latimore, Omarion, Marvis Staples, Charlie Musselwhite, Denise LaSalle, Tank, Jimmy Bo Horne, Rahiem DeVaughan, Ruben Studdard, Inner Circle, Average White Band, Fred Bolton, Moody Scott, Kenny Neal, Otis Clay, Steve Perry, Luther Lackey, T.K. Soul, 2 Live Crew, John Lee Hooker Jr., Buddy Guy, George Clinton, Tony Orlando, Bobby Jonez, Gregg Allman, Cheap Trick, The Love Doctor, Big Time Sarah, Lil' Ed Williams & The Blues Imperials, Liz Mandville Greeson, Bobby Womack, Nathaniel Kimble, Howard Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, Mims, Roach Thompson, Delbert McClinton, The Lee Boys, Shemekia Copeland and many others.
In Febuary 2004 Sears got his first festival date, as the opening act on the main stage of the Fiesta Tropicale Blues & Zydeco Festival, and in May 2004 headlined the "South Florida Music Showcase", where he headlined with Reggae band Inner Circle, known for their classic "Bad Boys[The Themesong from "Cops".]
All through 2004 Sears & his band played over 100 shows in all types of venues: from Clubs to Festivals, Hole-In-The-Walls to House Parties & everywhere in between. 2005 was also a good year for Sears. In addition to over 150 club dates, he also started working more actively on the festival circuit.
In Febuary 2005 he played the Fiesta Tropicale festival for the 2nd year in a row, this time on a later time slot on the main stage, just 2 acts ahead of the headliner, and
Also in February 2005 he opened the 1st Annual Miami Dade College Blues Festival, opening for Soul legends David Hudson, Ike And Val Woods, Bobby Stringer & Latimore for a crowd of over 2500. In late May he headlined the "South Florida Music Showcase" for the 2nd time.
On June 15th, 2005, Sears and his band entered the studio & recorded his debut album "Transitions", a Chicago style Blues album which was released in September 2005 to acclaim from critics and fans alike, which is unfortunatly rare, out of print & hard to find.
"Transitions was a Traditional Blues disc. It was really like, a Blues Guitar Slinger Kind Of A Disc, Except It Was A Bit More Funky & Jazzy, instead of heavy Rock-kind of stuff that alot of the younger artists were playing. There Were Alot Of Funk-Blues & Slow Blues, with a couple of Jazzy tunes, a few Soul-Blues kind of songs & even a what I call 'Disco-Blues' cut on that disc. I hadn't really found my sound yet. I had already developed my own guitar sound & my own licks & stuff like that, but I was still trying to find my voice & my musical style. I am still really proud of that record, and I think it was pretty good, considering that we went & cut it live in a few hours. I liked the traditional Blues that I was doing but, I soon found that I'd really rather do Soul music, which is what I grew up listening to."
Sears' popularity grew outside of the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach tri-county area with his opening slot at the Sarasota Blues Festival in October 2005, where he played a searing set that left the crowd of 2,000 breathless. His fiery set at the Sarasota Festival led to many bookings on the west coast of Florida, which in return, led to him getting shows all over Florida. Throughout the rest of 2005 he toured heavily to promote "Transitions".
In early 2006, Sears followed his heart and started adding Southern Soul songs to his Blues set. In the summer of 2006, he embarked on a 6 month national tour.
The tour included headlining gigs at The House Of Blues in Orlando, FL; a headlining appearance at the Sinnissippi Band Shell in Rockford, IL, a co-headliner at The Rockin' Rib Fest in Machesney Park, IL, a co-headlining slot at "On The Waterfront" Music Festival, with a crowd of 3500+ fans plus a Dozen-plus Club Shows throughout the midwest. While on his midwest tour, he made a guest appearance at the world-famous Blues club "Kingston Mines" in Chicago, IL, where he played with Chicago mainstay, the Legendary John Primer. His 2006 national tour culmintated in several Casino appearances in Las Vegas, NV & a appearance at the Cultural Fest in as Vegas, where he wowed the crowd of over 25,000.
Following his 2006 tour Reggie began to tour as opening act/guitarist with The David Hudson Revue(of Honey Honey fame) & The Godfather Of Soul Band(featuring original members of James Brown's Band) in addition to doing his own shows, and in November 2006, he announced that he was officially leaving the Blues to become a Southern Soul artist but, not before he dropped his 2nd c.d. in October 2006, a traditional Down-Home Blues disc "One Step Closer To The Blues", which is rare & long out of print. It Was On This Album That Reggie started playing all the instruments himself.
Following his move into Southern Soul, he quickly dropped "Southern Soul, Florida Style", which was his first Southern Soul disc. Despite positive reviews, It is now out of print, and is now sought after as a "collector's item."
In addition to gigging with his own band, 2007 saw him playing with a variety of acts which include David Hudson, Betty Padgett, Bobby Stringer, The Soul Generals and others. In Febuary 2007, Sears co-headlined "Fiesta Tropicale" for the 4th year in a row. July 2007 saw the release of "Get Up On It", which showed him moving into more R&B pastures & while that c.d. recieved positive reviews, the disc didn't recieve the promotional push it needed. It did, however, feature several underground hits, including the #1 underground hit "Back Dat Thang Up" and its b-side, a cover of Ronnie Lovejoy's "Sho Wasn't Me", helped Sears forge a name for himself in the South.
With 4 C.D.s out & still no major success Reggie continued to tour full-time with The Godfather Of Soul Band & David Hudson throughout 2007 but, in his spare time, he began writing and recording new material for his next C.D. as well as writing & producing newcomer Jerome Towers' debut singles which included the big hit "You Gotta Be A Freak." Reggie's breakthrough came in October 2007, when his singles "Sweet Thang" & especially "Dip My Dipper", which became his biggest hit to date,
started getting rotation on some of the more prominent Southern Soul stations across the nation and started getting quite a bit of airplay overseas.
The single "She Made A Freak Out Of Me" followed in late November 2007 and got considerable airplay as well.
Through March 2008 Reggie continued his gruesome touring schedule with The Godfather Of Soul Band, and with little time for his own solo career, there was a difficult decision to be made, and Reggie had to make that unfortunate departure from "The Godfather Of Soul Band" to pursue his solo career full-time. In May 2008 he dropped the singles "My Outside Woman" & "U Caught Me With My Drawers Off", to much fanfare & radio play, especially overseas. Between May 2008 & the time of this writing, Reggie continued to do shows, Session Work, Writing, Producing, Mixing & Engineering & Arranging For Other Artists & in his spare time finished up his current disc, his 5th LP titled "Sweet Thang".
This Disc is where it all comes together: The Performances, The Voice, The Songs, The Musicianship, The Production & The Arranging. On This Album, Like His Past Albums(excluding his debut "Transtions"), Reggie plays and sings virtually every note, lick & instrument, with the occasional help of Jerome Towers, Wilena Johnson & "Angel" on Backup Vocals on a few songs. Reggie's knack for writing catchy Uptempo songs, Pleading Ballads, Sexy Slow Jams & gritty, gutbucket Blues is especially evident on this c.d., with 10 of the 16 songs written by Reggie Sears(2 co-written with Angela Sears & 1 with Wilena Johnson). The Uptempo Songs Keep The Booty Wigglin', The Head Boppin', The Foot-Tappin', Or Whatever It Is That You Do; His Blues numbers show off his Soulful, Gritty Vocals & Guitar Prowess. But, Its The Ballads that really steals the show. In South Florida, Reggie's way of serenading the ladies in his live show & on his regionally-spinned C.D.s earned him the title "The King Of Love" and this C.D. is the perfect indication of why.
Reggie is one of the few under-25 years old performers who is not only a truly Dynamic Vocalist, who bridges the gap of Ol' Skool Soul Singers of the 60s & 70s, With The Urban Sounds of 80s and 90s R&B. Reggie's vocals wring with emotion & his rich voice will have you feeling every word he is singing, but also a superb musician who plays 5 instruments & is a wiz in the recording studio. The ballads range from that Ol' Skool Bluesy Southern Soul tunes to sexy Smooth R&B and Slow Jams that covers everything from Matters Of The Heart: Being In Love, or Losing Your Love; Being Done Wrong By The One You Love; Repairing A Broken Relationship & About Makin' Love. There's Also Songs About That Famous(or Infamous) Southern Soul/R&B subject, Infidelity.
This Album Isn't Bubblegum. This isn't manufactured commercial drivel. The songs here are about Real Life For Real People Who Are Grown and Sexy. Slow Jams such as "Make Sweet Love", "Weekend Of Love", "Lay Your Body Down" will put you in the mood for makin' love, while songs like "Sweet Thang", "I Won't Stop Lovin' You" & "Prisoner Of Love", are about Being In Love while "Don't Say Goodbye" is a slow R&B song about a failed relationship. Covering the full-spectrum of Life there are tracks like "Dip My Dipper", "Careless Things We Do", "I'm In Love With My Best Friend's Wife", "My Outside Woman" & "U Caught Me With My Drawers Off" that tell tales of infidelity, while "Big Papa", "Bounce Dat Booty" & "Lookin' For A Freak" is sure to be "Party" hits that will for sure pack the dance floors.
Reggie Sears is The Real Deal, People. He's a young Soul artist who doesn't rely on gizmos like "Auto-Tune" to make him sound good. He doesn't need hot-dance moves, flashy Theatrics or other Gimmicks; Instead, he lets his talent take centerstage here.
With a voice reminiscent of the Raw, Gritty Ol' Skool artists such as Tyrone Davis, Johnnie Taylor, Otis Redding, or Marvin Sease, and the Smooth Sounds of Gerald LeVert, Babyface or R. Kelly, Reggie's vocal style & sound has been compared with greats such as Tyrone Davis, Gerald Levert, Little Milton, Latimore, Otis Redding, Marvin Sease, K-Ci Hailey, R. Kelly & Bobby Womack, to name a few; While his skills as a guitarist has been compared to B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Rush, Lonnie Brooks, Prince, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Albert King & Little Milton. His songwriting & production skills have been compared to such geniuses like Babyface, "Prince", Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Gamble & Huff, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Smokey Robinson, Issac Hayes/David Porter, R. Kelly, George Jackson & Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis. Not only a vocalist & guitarist, Reggie played all the instruments on this C.D., Engineered It & Mixed it all at His Recording Studio, Raw Dawg Studio.
With The Release Of The Long-Awaited new Disc, the Critically Acclaimed "Sweet Thang", Reggie Sears, The King Of Love, With His Soulful Voice, Guitar Skills, Hard-To-Beat Live Show, Not To Mention His Skills As A Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Writer, Arranger & Engineer, He is Poised To Take The Southern Soul World By Storm & Become One Of The Top Artists In The Rising Genre

Quinten Smith;
Coming Soon, Interview With Reggie Sears

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Marvin Sease-Who's Got The Power & David Brinston-Dirty Woman

Marvin Sease- Who's Got The Power ****

Marvin's Back With An Organic Disc With 12 All New Cuts! We Have Been Anticipating some new material ever since his last effort, the great "Playa Haters"(2004). First Off, I'd Like To Mention That Marvin's Voice Is Still The Gritty, Flexible Vehicle Its Always Been. Second Of All, The Disc's Production Is Immaculate, as with most of the Malaco efforts.
The Disc Starts Off Strong with the Funky "The Power Of The Coochie", which is suprisingly the only "dirty" cut off the whole disc. Weird he'd start the disc off like that. While Power doesn't rank as one of his classics, its one of his better latter-day singles & one that has & should continue to get loads of airplay on Chittlin Circuit Radio Stations. The Next Cut Is The First Single "I'm Coming Home." Its One Of Those classic Marvin Sease Blues Ballads. He's Done His Woman Wrong, She Left Him, But Now He Feels Sorry About It & Wants To Come Back Home, But She Ain't Havin' It! What Happens At The End?? You Gotta Buy The Disc & Find Out Yourself! The Uptempo "Quiet As It Seems" follows & is one of those late 60s/early 70s Stax/Atlanticesque Gems With Marvin's Gritty Vocals & Horn Stabs bring the songs up. The Disc has a few lesser moments with "She's My Woman", "I Love You Baby", but is forgotten with "Do Me Baby", one of Marvin's best love-making ballads. "My Dog Won't Bark" is a Funky Blues Number & "Gone On" is a touching Tribute to the many greats who have left us to go to "Soul Heaven". The Next Cut "Denying Our Love" is a awesome Otis Redding sounding Ballad, while "I'll Never Let You Go" is musically reminiscent of his classic "Live My Life Again." "I'll Take Care Of You" is a good ballad & The Closer "Blues Town" is a nice Funky Uptempo Blues that closes the disc on a high note. Not Marvin's best effort(that would probably be his debut, self titled album, or "I Got Beat Out"), but this one's close.

David Brinston-Dirty Woman-***

David Brinston has long been a favourite of mine. His unique voice has sung tunes like "Party Till The Lights Go Out", "Kick It", "Work That Thang", "Straighten Up & Fly Right" and others. This Disc, his 3rd for the Goldmine of Ecko Records out of Memphis, TN, continues that famous Ecko sound of Party Blues/Southern Soul & Ballads. The disc opens up with "You Got Something I Want", an Uptempo party-starter featuring a confident vocal from Brinston. Track 2 is a Ballad titled "I Finally Got A Good Woman", featuring one of the best Vocal Performances in Brinston's career. He sangs it like he lived it! The highlight is easily the title track & the album's first single "Dirty Woman", a mid-to-uptempo Beater that's a duet with J. Blackfoot. I First Heard The Song On Sterling Williams' "Brand New Man" on Ecko. Brinston covers this song in superior fashion. Both J. Blackfoot & David Brinston gives spirited, passionate performances & making this one of the better Southern Soul songs I've heard this year. The Bluesy Ballad of When I Put The Icing On The Cake, featuring a moody backing track & great guitar by John Ward. "Backup Man" is a flat out good Uptempo track, with a kickin' bassline, good lyrics & is a good choice for a single, as is "Don't Tease Me With It." This is one of Brinston's better discs & one that should please his devoted following.

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